How to configure the rCell 500 as a Captive Portal

MTR5 MultiConnect rCell 500 Captive Portal Setup Guide for HotspotSystem

The rCell 500 Dual SIM LTE router is Captive Portal ready. Follow the steps below to configure the rCell 500 as a Captive Portal in minutes. You can use the same approach to configure the rCell 500 to use another captive portal system.

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How to use the Falcom FOX3, MAMBO2 and other AVL devices with Traccar and Geolink

Traccar is a simple open source GPS tracking server that provides basic tracking functionality, while Geolink is a hosted GPS tracking system that is free for up to 3 devices. For more complex fleet management and personal tracking applications you may want to either develop your own tracking service or sign up with one of our existing system integrator customers.

The Falcom AVL and personal tracking devices can be configured to communicate with the Traccar or Geolink servers by using the Traccar Client Protocol.

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Ten Reasons to use Voice over IP (VoIP)

1. FREE CALLS - You can call friends, family, clients, suppliers and just about anyone in the world. Many VoIP providers allow you to call other users on their network for FREE. Most VoIP providers also don't charge additional fees, such as monthly service fees and line rental fees for consumer services.

2. GLOBAL - You can take your number with you anywhere in the world. You can use VoIP Services at any location where you can get a Internet access. If your mobile phone can run VoIP software, then you can make calls from your smartphone on open WiFi networks, without the high mobile date roaming charges and mobile call rates.

3. IMPROVED QUALITY - With the increase in Internet access speeds the call quality has improved significantly. You can now make High Definition Voice calls and video calls for VoIP networks, in some cases the call quality and video quality is equivalent or better than similar services on mobile networks.

4. MORE EFFICIENT THAN TRADITIONAL TELEPHONE NETWORKS - VoIP doesn't use the inefficient old telephone network. Instead phone calls use IP networks where your voice is digitised, sent as packets of data and reassembled on arrival. By being more efficient, VoIP calls incur fewer overheads and are cheaper.

5. ALWAYS ANSWER - It really doesn't matter where you are in the world, you can listen to your voicemail messages or your VoIP phone or have the voicemail emailed to you. You can have the flexibility to be online anywhere and at anytime. Depending on your service provider you can also screen calls and blocked unwanted callers.

6. MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE USING VOIP - According to Analysys Mason, "Of the smartphone users who are using VoIP apps, 20 percent used the Internet Protocol-based technology more than traditional voice."

7. WORK FROM HOME - VoIP provides the flexibility to make the most of work-from-home opportunities. Internet telephony also allows businesses of all sizes to reduce their capital and operational costs by running a distributed team of sales or marketing staff, while also enabling working employees to work flexibly from the comfort of their own homes.

8. EASE OF CONFERENCE CALLING - Conference calling is a very useful way to quickly brainstorm on a topic, come up with ideas and then draw up a plan of action. But it's no fun if setting up the conference call is difficult. With VoIP, conference calling is simple and easy. Some VoIP applications allow you to invite multiple participants on your list to join a voice or video conference.

9. RECORD CALLS - With VoIP it is very easy to record calls, especially if you are using a softphone on your computer.

10. BETTER PHONE USABILITY - The same VoIP account can be used concurrently on a multiple devices such as a smartphone, IP Deskphone or a PC. You can use the device that is most convenient at the time of the call.

To start using VoIP go to or search for the goava App for the iPhone, iPad or Android.
To get VoIP for your company contact Advinne.