DeviceHQ Device Manager

Device Manager

DeviceHQ Device Manager

Cloud-based Device Management Services

MultiTech® Device Manager (MDM) is a cloud based device management solution that simplifies and scales the management of MultiTech’s latest generation of networking devices. It allows users to remotely monitor, upgrade and configure an entire device population from a single location. Whether you have one or more than 10,000 devices to manage, MultiTech Device Manager simplifies access to your devices, resulting in lower total cost of ownership and increased operational efficiency.

Device Manager Framework

The Device Manager seamlessly integrates cloud based management with your MultiTech devices to reduce your total cost of ownership, improve productivity, increase reliability and enhance the visibility of your device performance.

The Device Manager home screen provides users a general overview on the well-being of the fleet, including map views, device charts, notifications, and actions required.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Device Manager can help you improve device uptime while reducing costs:

  • Upgrade firmware or configuration remotely
  • Reduce truck rolls, saving operating costs
  • Improve device uptime with WAN analytics
  • View cellular signal quality, proactively prevent outages
  • View cellular data usage, proactively detect problems


Main dashboard screen.

Individual Device Details

Information on a device


Device Management Interface


User Account Management Interface.

Radio Signal Level

Radio signal level on a device

Data Usage

Data usage on a device

Schedule Actions

Schedule actions on a device

Group Actions

Schedule actions on a group of devices