SMME Telephony

SMME Telephony

Telephony Solutions for SMME and Home Offices

The goava pre-paid VoIP and Advinne post-paid PABX solutions are designed to meet the needs of small fledging start-up businesses to established businesses.

goava provides a telephony solutions to meet the needs of cost sensitive businesses, with all the bells and whistles you expect from a business service like conference calls, call forwarding and call hold. In addition, the goava VoIP service is completely mobile - you can use the goava VoIP service to make calls wherever you have broadband Internet access (even while you are travelling abroad). Register today and start using the goava VoIP service.

For more customised solutions the Advinne PABX can address your every requirement, from connectivity to analogue/digital telephone lines, pin based access control, real-time monitoring of telephone activity from the reception phone to recording of all inbound/outbound calls. We can design a solution to meet all your practical requirements, including a door or gate access control system that is connected to the PABX. The Advinne PABX solution also let's you benefit low cost calls to local and international numbers via the Advinne telecommunications network.

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