goava Calling Cards

goava Calling Cards

goava Calling Cardsgoava

Use the goava Calling Card service to make low cost International calls from any landline or mobile phone.

The goava Calling Card gives you access to low International call rates and call quality from any landline or mobile service provider. All calls made with the goava Calling Card are carried by the world's largest telephone service providers to the destination network. With the goava Calling Card you don't have to use VoIP or between landline/cellphone service providers to get the best International call rates.goava Calling Card

To use the goava Calling Card is simple:
1) Buy a goava Calling Card from our Online Shop or one of our authorised dealers.
2) Dial one of our access numbers listed below.
3) Enter your Calling Card Pin Number after the voice prompt.
4) Then enter the destination number you wish to call.

goava Calling Card Access Numbers in South Africa:

  • 010 130 0009
  • 031 120 0009
  • 086 001 9009


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