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About Us

3G South Africa is an information portal on products and services from Advinne, with a host of related information on mobile, Internet and telecommunications technology. The content in the Technology and Information sections of this website is collected from a host of sources on the Internet.

In today's technology driven society there are a dizzy array of options available from many service providers. In some cases the technology jargon is too difficult for the average individual to understand or the off the shelf product and service do not exactly meet your expectations. If you are looking for a mobile technology solution to meet a particular business requirement, contact us and we will gladly assist or advise you on your options. We also provide voice telephony services that can be custom designed to suit your unique business needs, from affordable small business systems that allow you to monitor the time your employees spend on the phone to large scalable systems that handle thousands of concurrent call-centre calls. For the average consumer, you can buy a sleek 3G modem or router directly from us to get you connected to the mobile Internet, while our mobile VoIP app let's you use of broadband Internet service to make cheap telephone calls and save money.