Advoize International Calls

Advoize International Calling Service

International Calls Globe of FlagsInternational Calls from your cellphone at Local Rates!

Stop paying high international call charges when making calls from your South African cellphone or landline.

Dial 084 190 0030, listen to the voice prompt, enter your international destination number followed by the # key and we will connect you to your destination number. You can call India, China, UK, USA, Australia, Zambia and many more international destinations from your cellphone for the cost of a local call charged at VAS rates. VAS Rates indicates that some network operators may charge you a different rate for VAS calls (in some cases more than the cost of a standard telephone call). Some network operators may also charge you the cost making a mobile call or allow you to use your free minutes at their discretion.


How it works!

If, for example, you are phoning the UK then follow the steps below:
(1) dial 084 190 0030,
(2) listen to the voice prompt,
(3) dial your number starting with 00 and ending the number with a hash, for example 0044 207 444 0654#
(4) wait for the phone of your destination number to ring and be answered.

You only have to pay the cost of calling the local VAS number 084 190 0030 from your pre-paid or contract cellphone, with no additional charges for the International call. We will connect you to the international number for FREE.

It's easy, simple, convenient and accessible from any cellphone. Best of all you don't need to use an international calling card service.

If you have any questions, queries or problems on our international calling service please feel free to contact us. Contact Us or Telephone: 084 190 0039 during normal office hours (Calls charged at VAS rates).

Currently supported international destinations:
- Andorra(Landline)
- Argentina(Landline)
- Australia(Landline)
- Austria(Landline)
- Bangladesh(Mobile,Landline)
- Belgium(Base Mobile,Lycamobile,Mobistar Mobile,Proximus Mobile,Telenet Mobile)
- Brazil(Landline)
- Bulgaria(Mobiltel Mobile,Tetra Mobile,Mobikom Mobile,Globul Mobile,Btc Mobile,Landline)
- Canada(Landline,Mobile)
- Chile(Metro Landline)
- China(Mobile,Landline)
- Colombia(Mobile,Landline)
- Costa Rica(Mobile,Landline)
- Cyprus(Mobile,Landline)
- Czech Republic(Landline)
- Denmark(Mobile,Landline)
- Estonia(Mobile,Landline)
- Finland(Mobile)
- France(Landline)
- French Guiana(Mobile,Landline)
- Germany(Mobile,Landline)
- Greece(Landline)
- Guadeloupe(Digicel Mobile,Orange Mobile)
- Guam(Mobile,Landline)
- Hong Kong(Mobile,Landline)
- Hungary(Landline)
- Iceland(Landline,Mobile)
- India(Mobile,Landline)
- Indonesia(Mobile,Landline)
- Ireland(Landline)
- Israel(Mobile,Landline)
- Italy(Landline)
- Japan(Landline)
- Kazakhstan(Landline)
- Latvia(Tele2 Mobile)
- Luxembourg(Landline,Mobile)
- Malaysia(Mobile,Landline)
- Malta(Landline,Mobile)
- Mongolia(Mobile,Landline)
- Morocco(Landline)
- Netherlands(Mobile,Landline)
- New Zealand(Landline)
- Nigeria(Selected Mobile numbers)
- Norway(Mobile,Landline)
- Panama(Landline)
- Peru(Landline)
- Poland(Landline)
- Portugal(Landline)
- Puerto Rico(Mobile,Landline)
- Romania(Mobile,Landline)
- Russia(Mobile,Landline)
- Singapore(Mobile,Landline)
- Slovakia(Landline)
- Slovenia(Mobile,Landline)
- South Korea(Mobile,Landline)
- Spain(Mobile,Landline)
- Sweden(Mobile,Landline)
- Switzerland(Landline)
- Taiwan(Landline)
- Thailand(Mobile,Landline)
- Turkey(Landline)
- U.S. Virgin Islands(Mobile,Landline)
- United Kingdom(Mobile,Landline)
- USA(Landline,Mobile)
- Venezuela(Mobile,Landline)

* The allowed duration for calls to certain destinations may be limited.


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