High Gain Multiband Directional Antenna: WM11High Gain Directional Antenna

Antenna Performance

This 3G antenna is great for improving signal and transfer speeds.
If you have quite low / bad 3G reception and want to make radical improvements then this is the MEDIUM TO LONG RANGE antenna for you.

Directing the Signal

Directional Antennas need to be pointed in the direction of your nearest base station.

Various Mounting Options

Wall Mount / Desk Mount or Mast Mount Options
Whether you need this antenna indoors or outdoors there is a mounting solution for you. For the simple installation, the desk stand can be used with a 2m cable to your USB devices or router whilst for the more complex installation the wall mount or mast mount bracket can be used with a 10m cable. A solution for everybody.

Whats in the box?

This antenna is the complete 3G antenna solution. No additional purchases needed.
You will receive 1 × Directional Antenna, 2 × Cables (10m long & 2m long), 1 × Wall Bracket, 1 × Mast Bracket, 1 × Desk Stand

Technical Specification

Low Profile Wide-Band Rugged Antenna: LPB-7-27-05SP


Key FeaturesOmni Directional GSM/3G/LTE Antenna

The LPB low profile antenna has been designed to perform under extreme pressure. At only 82mm high and protected by a robust high impact radome; the antenna is almost impervious to daily wear, tear and impact. The LPB offers excellent performance across a wide bandwidth. Mounted on a 400 x 400mm groundplane the LPB covers public safety/LTE frequencies across 700 and 800MHz as well as all global cellular frequencies from 698-960 MHz and 1710-2700MHz, making it an extremely versatile product. Supplied with a convenient adhesive pad and a short pigtail for connection to a cable extension run the antenna is cost effective to install and adaptable to any installtion environment.

Easy install and impact resistant housing means the LPB is the perfect choice for many M2M applications such as vending machine monitoring, generator monitoring, automatic teller machines or equipment automation.

Technical Specification

Micro Magnetic Antenna: MAR-2009Micro Magnetic Antenna

Antenna Performance

This long range 3G antenna is great for improving signal and transfer speeds in vehicles or in buildings. This antenna and connector assembly are all you need to make huge improvements in the signal to your 3G modem or router and it features a magnetic mounting system to attach to your vehicle, boat or window without the need to drill holes.

Window Mount Bracket

This antenna is also supplied with a mounting bracket that can be securely fastened to a window. When the signal in a room is often better by the window, this solution can ensure that the user can get the best signal strength but not compromise on their working position.

Technical Specification

Small Magnetic/Patch Mount GPS Antenna: ANT-431MP

SpecificationsSmall Magnetic/Patch Mount GPS Antenna

Quad Band GSM + GPS Antenna: FAL-ANT-11

SpecificationsQuad Band GSM/GPS Antenna

Penta Band GSM + GPS + WCDMA Antenna: FAL-ANT-12Penta Band GSM/WCDMA/GPS Antenna



Multi-Band Mobile + GPS magnetic/patch mount antenna: ANT-630MPMulti-Band Mobile/GPS magnetic/patch mount antenna


Penta-Band GSM/3G/GPS body mount antenna: ANT-660BPenta-Band GSM/3G/GPS body mount antenna


High Gain GSM + GPS antenna: ANT-6500BHigh Gain GSM + GPS antenna


Available Adapters

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